Namex opens a new regional hub in Naples: Namex Napoli

Naples, the largest city in Southern Italy, will have for the first time an Internet eXchange point (IXP), an crucial interconnection hub in the continuation of the development of the Mediterranean Internet network.

Why a new regional IXP

The current rapid acceleration of the digitalisation of businesses, schools and public administrations, combined with the increasing consumption of live and on-demand streaming content requires a greater capillarity of network infrastructures.

IXPs play an important role, since they are the main interconnection hubs that contribute to the quality and reliability of the Internet. These are the reasons that led Namex to open its first regional IXP in Bari, at the beginning of 2022, and that today lead to the opening of its second regional IXP: Namex Napoli.

The choice of Naples

Naples is the main city of Southern Italy and it has been, until today, the largest Italian city without an Internet eXchange Point. Considering the high population density, the presence of a regional IXP has proved essential to allow all operators to continue their development, improving the delivery of content and low-latency services, but also enhancing the resilience and security of the Internet.

Namex Napoli follows the path of Namex Bari, with the goal of moving the interconnection towards the edge of the network, contributing to the development of the Mediterranean networking environment.


Namex Napoli opens in partnership with the Università PartHenope, in a site close to one of the largest existing PoPs in the city (Napoli Tupputi – TIM).

Provider, Carrier and ISPs

Operators that announce their presence or have shown their interest to be present at Namex Napoli

If you are interested to join or need additional information, please contact:

About Namex

Namex – Roma Internet eXchange Point is a non-profit, neutral exchange and interconnection point between national and international Internet service providers (ISPs), counting more than 170 Autonomous Systems (AS). Namex is the main Internet hub of Central and Southern Italy, a crucial meeting point where important international providers of streaming, cloud services and content, and national access providers connect. The Namex consortium also counts many local ISPs operating in Italy, particularly in the South of the country.
The purpose of Namex is to provide a neutral platform on which local and international operators can benefit from the interconnection services provided by the Consortium, improving the Internet infrastructure of Southern Italy. Namex has established itself as a strategic point of presence for all ISPs operating in Italy, and it is now a point of reference for all the operators which need to provide high-quality service throughout the country.

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